your money mindset sucks.

Here's how I know ...

◆ Bills make you feel stressed out every time you think about them.

◆ You feel anxious every time a friend invites you out for happy hour.

◆ You’re always working and making good money but still never have money left over for the fun stuff.

◆ Checking your bank account balance makes you nauseous so you avoid it until payday.

◆ You have no idea when your bills are due or if you’ll have enough this month to cover them.

sounds familiar right?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if instead ...

◆ You were grateful knowing that you had more than enough money in your account every time you paid a bill!

◆ Your bank account and your confidence grew, thanks to the positive habits you have!

◆ You no longer feel anxious when paying the bill at dinner or when you’re at the register at the grocery store!

◆ You had the skills and tools to heal the stories and beliefs holding you back from having the money you really desire.

◆ You knew how to tap into the flow of abundance to create a reality that you want.

◆ You knew how to embody and step into the energy and frequency of the woman you dream of being.

◆ You felt empowered and excited about your finances now + your finances in the future.

It's totally freaking possible.

And when I say it's possible - that means for you too!


◆ I worked with multiple six-figures cash on a daily basis for 7+ years!

◆ I've managed million dollar accounts and cashed 100K checks!

◆ I've taught live in-person money mindset + management seminars to rooms of 3 women and rooms of 60+ women!

◆ I helped 100s of business owners make + manage money!

◆ I was the top banker in the South East and in the top 3% of financial professionals in the country.

◆ I managed a weekly cash flow of a million plus dollars!


CASH QUEEN is a 6 week program that combines strategy, mindset, energy healing, and so much more to create massive transformation in your money mindset and money management skills so you can double your business and bank account in 6 weeks!

◆ Identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and replace them with new positive, empowering ones!

◆ Deepen your understanding of how to use energy to create a constant flow of abundance and grow you bank account and your business!

◆ Learn simple and proven tools + prosperity practices to keep you in alignment with your dreams and an open channel for receiving your desires!

◆ Become the woman that you dream of being by learning how to embody her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so that you can live the life you really want to live!

◆ Learn how to double your business and your bank account with aligned action and without burnout.

some of the things we'll cover

Lifestyle + Energetic Upgrades

Abundance + Co-Creation

Embodiment Practices

Boundaries + Relationships

Identifying + Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Prosperity Practices

Energy Healing + Alignment

Money Mindset + Management

Feminine + Masculine Energy

Intuition + Purpose

Emotional Intelligence + Maturity

+ SO much more

how it goes down


6 Live Weekly Lessons with Open Q+A

Get a better understanding of how energy works and learn simple skills and proven strategies to tap into the abundance of it. You'll learn how to use these skills + strategies to transform your money, business, relationships, and more!


Weekly Workbooks + Journal Guides

These workbooks and journal guides are deeply transformational and designed to help keep you focused, accountable, and excited when it comes to creating the life + financial future you're dreaming of creating.


Resource Library + Bonus Content

You'll get access to some really awesome stuff inside the Cash Queen course portal: Bonus content includes mediations, audio trainings, additional videos, budget tools, and so much more!


High Vibe Private Community + Support

Inside the private community there will be q+a threads, live mediations, card pulls, and anything else I can dream up to help you up-level and become the best version of yourself.


Details for Live Lessons with Q+A

We meet every Monday November 1st - December 6th at 7PM ET inside a private zoom community!

what makes a cash queen?


She owns her personal growth + development: living a life she loves is a non-negotiable for her and she's a student to life! Always looking to become a better version of herself - mind, body, heart, and soul.

She's constantly seeking a new level of success: she knows that if she's the smartest and most successful in her circle, she needs a new circle. She's okay with getting uncomfortable for the sake of growth!

She's knows her value and she's not afraid to charge for it: she knows what she brings to the table and she's confidently creating money in a way that feels aligned. But she doesn't tie her worth to her prices, she knows that they're not mutually exclusive.

She's certain and clear in what she desires and is ready to receive: she knows what it is that she dreams about, she sets and crushes goals, and creates action plans that put her in alignment with living a life she's freaking obsessed with!

She's a master of her Money Mindset + Management: she understands how energy works and knows how to make it work FOR her so she can live the live she wants but also grow her business + her bank account!

here's how you can join

Pay in full


6 weeks group program

lifetime access to the replays

Pay in full bonus: 6 weeks private Voxer access

payment plan


x 4 bi weekly payments

6 weeks group program

+ lifetime access to the replays

only available until 10/22

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x 12 weekly payments

6 weeks group program

+ lifetime access to the replays

Grow your business and your bank account in 6 weeks!

About Kayla:


Yes that's me on the right, in BOTH pictures.

In case you're new around here, let me introduce myself. I'm Kayla Rowell. Certified Life Coach, Business Mentor, and Entrepreneur.

I help heart centered leaders who are ready to step fully into their power, do life and business in a way that feels good to them AND gets results.

I've helped 100s of women smash the ceilings holding them back, change their toxic habits, heal their energy leaks, and create meaningful success on their own terms. What makes me the person to walk with you on this journey? My experience didn't start with my coaching cert.

It started with me.

Before: Overworked + extremely underpaid as the youngest manager at my corporate career.

After: At 27, I quit my corporate job to work for myself. Now at 29, both my husband + I are self employed, running multiple businesses from our home on the Gulf Coast of Florida with our two fur babes.

Before: Overweight, taking terrible care of myself, and literally making myself sick with worsening autoimmune symptoms landing myself in the hospital 10+ times in one year.

After: Lost 90 lbs, gained a whole lot of confidence, found a love of weightlifting, and look + feel the best I ever have!

Before: Severely depressed, anxious, suffering from PTSD, and November + December 2019 in my bed, numbing myself with pain medication.

After: Worked through trauma, healed generational wounds, took back my personal power and stepped fully into who I am as human, woman, and leader.

Before: Confused about who I serve, how I help them, and making inconsistent money in my business.

After: Clear on what I do, how I do it, and who I do it for. Making consistent money in my business, while actually doing less "work" and having more fun!

Before: Unhappy in all my relationships, people pleasing 24/7, with zero boundaries, and being walked on by everyone.

After: Boundaries in my life that feel good, making way for relationships that aren't one sided, and that encourage me to chase growth instead of trying to dim my light.

The best time to change your money mindset was yesterday, the second best time is now!

Pay in full


6 weeks group program

lifetime access to the replays

Pay in full bonus: 6 weeks private Voxer access

payment plan


x 4 bi weekly payments

6 weeks group program

+ lifetime access to the replays

only available until 10/22

extended payment


x 12 weekly payments

6 weeks group program

+ lifetime access to the replays

Let's do this!

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