SO You’re tired of second guessing yourself and your ability to make good money in your online business?

Instead, you’re ready to:

◆ Create a signature offer that positions you as a leader in your niche!

◆ Align your marketing to make more money while working fewer hours every week!

◆ Confidently attract clients who are committed to results and ready to invest in their growth!

◆ While stepping into the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest, version of yourself?

Welcome to the right place!

Stop wasting time and money and FINALLY learn the skills

to transform not just your business but your life too!

Hey, Friend!

I’m Kayla Rowell!

I am a college + corporate dropout turned, entrepreneur, Female Founder, professional hype girl, and fierce believer that you get to have it all!

I started my business in

2017, after deciding that I was over my own shit and ready to live a life that I was in love with, instead of a life that I was trying to escape.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of women combine tried & true methods with out-of-the-box approaches to step into their power, and master their mindset, money, dreams & goals!

If you’re tired of wasting time you don’t have, spending extra money & energy without any return, confusing your audience (and yourself!), and you’re looking to grow, build loyalty and fill your love tank AND bank account - I’ve got you.


A 3 month high touch and high-level, group coaching program designed to guide you to the freedom, fun, and flow that comes with earning consistent 5 figures!


Combine the power of strategy, mindset, energy, alignment, healing, psychology, spirituality, sisterhood, and more, to

create massive transformation in your life and business.



Energy Mastery

Get inspired to live life differently by combining strategy and mindset. You’ll identify what's holding you back and learn energy practices to let that shit go! You’ll walk away knowing how to use different energy tools both for yourself and your clients to amplify the results you're getting without burning yourself out!


Clarity = Cash

The riches are in the niches! Together we’re going to get super clear on who you serve, the problem that you’re solving, and how you’re solving it. From there we’re going to create clarity in your messaging so that you quickly become known as the GO-To authority in your market and make it simple for people to grab their credit cards and pay you!


Offers That Sell

You’ll learn how to create an irresistible offer suite that creates consistent income for you and leaves your audience feeling served and satisfied no matter where they are on their journey! Together we’ll cover the types of offers you can create, how to price your offers in a way that feels good AND we’ll audit your current product suite to make sure that you’re setting yourself and your clients up for success!


Content That Connects + Converts

Learn how to create content that speaks directly to your soulmate clients instead of staring at a blank computer screen for hours on end! We'll teach you how to do simple market research and create a content strategy that makes showing up consistently easy!


Funnel Foundations

The best way to earn more money without working more hours is by using funnels! You'll learn how to set up simple and easy funnels so that you can create passive income quickly! We’re also going to cover how you can use email marketing to 1. Stay connected with your audience and 2. Use it as a way to sell more to the people who already like, know, and trust you!


Money Mindset

Heal your money stories and learn how to tap into your unique money magic! You’ll learn energy and practical practices to help you release your money blocks and start growing your bank account! You’ll walk away with money management tools, ideas for additional income streams, and so much more!


Transformation Skills

Be someone who creates change! You’ll learn how to facilitate massive transformation in your clients! You’ll walk away from this lesson with skills like setting up a coaching session, active listening skills, goal setting, and more to make sure you’re setting your clients up for success! We’ll also be covering coaching business basics like contracts, payment systems, etc ..


Routines + Rituals

Walk away knowing how to set yourself up for success on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so that you never have to worry about knowing what to do to become and stay successful in your life and your business!


Leveraging Launches

I'm giving you access to my launch toolkit. This includes offer creation workbooks, sales page templates, launch calendars, CRM tracking tools, and more! This lesson will give you everything you need to launch like a pro and build your sales systems so you can consistently generate income!


Quantum Leadership

Next level you, is a next level leader! You’ll get access to my exclusive quantum leadership training that breaks down the 3 parts to leadership that leaves a legacy and amplifies your results in all areas of your life and business!


The Energy of Manifestation, Abundance, + Receiving

Understand how to use manifestation and prosperity practices to tap into the abundant power of The Universe and become a match to receive the things you TRULY desire! You’ll learn how to identify, release, and replace the stories that are no longer serving you so that you can start creating massive and sustainable success on your own terms!


Systems + Scaling for Success on Your Terms

Scaling doesn’t have to mean complicated - learn simple systems to make reaching more people and making more money easy AND enjoyable! You’ll learn some tech tips as well as how to troubleshoot your business and make adjustments to your strategies and systems so that you can enjoy the freedom you’ve worked so hard to create!


Celebrations + Awards

If you know who Michael Scott is, you know where this is going!

If you don’t - you’re in for a freaking blast! Together we will reflect, share, and celebrate our time together!

"Before working with Kayla, I wasn’t sure where to start with my business plan or goals. Kayla helped me realize that I was thinking small and to expand my thinking. Kayla has opened my eyes to just how small I was thinking. If you have been watching Kayla and wondering if she is worth it, SHE IS! Kayla is a damn badass and it shows in the way she guides you through and helps you realize your potential!”



We start February 7th - May 9th

Live calls take place on Wednesdays at 5PM EST!

Journal Guides + Workbooks - Thursdays!

Here's what you get inside Money, Flow, + Magic!

◆ Live Training + Coaching Calls

◆ Private Program Portal

◆ Group Discord Chat

◆ Workbooks + Journals

◆ Supplemental Content

◆ Template Toolkit!

Of course, you could...

Continue to take masterclass after masterclass, waste your time sifting through lots of less-than-stellar freebies, collect a few lackluster downloads, and still not know where your next client is coming from!

– OR –

You can have an easy to follow strategy and the confidence to know exactly what to say to attract soulmate clients who are both ready and excited to invest in their growth!


The Universe Has Your Money Back Guarantee:

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy – if within 15 days of our first call, you give it a whirl, and realize it’s still not for you, just show me your work and hop on a quick call with me to let me know how I can improve, and I’m more than happy to send you a refund!

We might be a match made in Heaven if:

◆ You're ready to dig deep into your limiting beliefs, learn how to release them, and rewire your brain for success!

◆ You’re excited about connecting with and getting to exchange ideas with high vibe women + spend time calibrating to their energy!

◆ You know that you're worthy but you're ready to know how to use that worthiness to create your dream life!

◆ You're ready to simplify + scale your business to consistent income + sold out launches, and increased impact!


Can't stop won't stop — how about I throw in … some sweet bonuses


◆ EFT Scripts

◆ Guided Meditations and Activations

◆ Monthly Co-Working and Implementation Calls

◆ Launch Assets, Sales Scripts, Templates, and More!

MONEY, FLOW,+MAGIC Pay in Full Bonuses:

◆ 1X Monthly Private Coaching Call

◆ 90 Minute intensive

◆ Interview on She's The Boss Podcast launching Feb 1st, 2022

MONEY, FLOW,+MAGIC is going to challenge and change the way you do life and business so be prepared for massive breakthroughs and transformation during our time together!

“I had my first potential client call and I LANDED them! Cash. In. Full.

I wanted to say thank you for all your guidance and love and support.

I’m so thankful for you through this process!”



What if I’ve not launched my business yet?

This isn’t a beginner level program. With that said, if you have an idea and you’re ready to go all in, this program is for you! Together we’re going to make sure the foundation of your business is sound no matter if you started 5 years ago or 5 minutes ago!

How long do I get access?

You get unlimited access to the materials from your round of the program as long as your payments are current! Since this is a live program, if you're interested in joining an additional round, you’ll have the chance to join at a special price!

Do you offer refunds?

See The Universe Has Your Money Back Guarantee!

I can’t make the calls live —will I miss out?

The call replays are uploaded in the program portal the morning following the calls and there is an option to ask questions before the Q+A sessions so you can get your questions answered!

Does this work for other types of businesses?

Yes!! The information you're learning inside this program can be applied to multiple business models. Direct sales, podcasting, event planning, affiliate marketing, coaching, etc ...

I have more questions—how can I get in touch?

Let’s chat! @thekaylarowell or email me at


The keys to designing a life and business you're obsessed with!

Pick the plan that's best for you!



SAVE $600 + get bonuses

13 week group program giving you access to actual, tangible, skills, and strategies curated to help you not only understand money but both the energetic AND practical applications of it!


$1200 X 3 Months

13 week group program giving you access to actual, tangible, skills, and strategies curated to help you not only understand money but both the energetic AND practical applications of it!


1X Monthly Private Coaching Call - get additional support on our private monthly 1:1 calls!

Interview - on She's The Boss Podcast launching Feb 1st, 2022


“Working with Kayla was amazing! She is so helpful with creative outside of the box ways to market your business and create exciting offers. She is all about making your business work for YOU and making sure you have a business you love!”


“I'm making money while I sleep! My clients love my offers and I'm still not done processing sales! I'm getting new clients and building better relationships with my current ones! Kayla is the real MVP!”


At this point you’ve got two options:

You can keep doing what you’re currently doing and keep getting the results you’re currently getting.

– OR –

You can learn the business and life skills needed to create and live a life you're freaking obsessed with by joining Money, Flow, + Magic today! - All Rights Reserved 2022 - KM ROWELL - Terms & Conditions